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Start promotion in Telegram!
Register telegram accounts in multi-threaded mode using more than ten SMS services
You can do mass mailings of your advertising messages to the PMs of a previously collected audience, you can also send messages to chats
Using an autoresponder, your accounts will respond to incoming messages from customers around the clock
Auto-registration of accounts (multi-threaded)
Sending messages
Answering machine
Telegram-Gods software functionality
With this tool, you can get views on posts in any channel
Gather an active audience from different groups in the telegram using the function of collecting people who wrote to the chat
Invite your accounts via referral link to bots
Increasing views
Gathering only active audience
Invite referrals to bots
Inviter to groups
Add the collected target audience to your telegram groups (chats), filtering it by activity
Inviter by Id
Gather a high-quality audience from different groups in the telegram. Filter your bases and you will only have a live target audience
Subscriptions to channels and groups
The mass subscription function gives an increase in the number of subscribers on channels and groups, adding views to posts
Audience Parser
Collect your target audience from different telegram chats and filter it by activity
Increase in reactions and votes
Number checker
Allows you to participate in anonymous voting and set different reactions to publications in the channel
With the help of a checker, you can check mobile phone numbers for their presence in the telegram, thereby further increasing your base
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We suggest you use Telegram gods to send promotional messages to various users, phone numbers or Telegram groups. Our program supports all text formatting options, which allows you to send messages in a format convenient for you. You can send audio files as voice recordings, forward posts from channels, turn on an autoresponder, and more so you can get the most out of your advertising campaigns.
Quick result
Mass mailing in personal telegram messages is by far the most effective method of promoting a business in telegrams. With Telegram Gods software, your messages will be very cheap for you, you will be able to see the process of sending messages. There is a built-in text randomizer, each message sent will be unique. Various types of shipments and a convenient control panel.
You will be able to personally filter only those who are alive and interested in your product or service.
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1 month license
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