Another method of registering telegram accounts
Attention, the method can become obsolete at any time. Be carefull.
Please read the article to the end, we try to minimize the risks in the work, as well as point out the dangerous moments.
A small preface, registration through api as of 12/27/2019 takes place on 105 lares, the default version is English.
We will try to describe in more detail how to register accounts in telegrams in bulk, without bans.
So, first we need to deal with the types of settings, you can find them in the program from
the screenshots below
  1. Now we will analyze each line separately and what they are
  2. api_id is a Telegram parameter responsible for the application's personal code. By analogy with the login or if you want id vkontakte.
  3. api_hash - This is the connection parameter according to the id parameters used. That is, simply put, the password. You can find similar parameters on GitHub, how to do it
  4. device - This is the name of your device, all devices of personal computers, not phones, namely the pc for telegrams are designated as PC
  5. system_version - This is the name of the OS under which you are supposedly sitting, you can write real ones, you can not. Until we discovered the addiction
  6. app_version - And this is the version of the application with which you are sitting, by analogy with the system you can invent, you can take your own, no difference is noticed.
  7. lang_pack - This is a language pack, by default on ALL applications is "en", so you can write it and not bother
  8. We have dealt with the theory, let's move on to the thorny practice. The API registration differs from the usual one in many respects due to the frequency of requests and the lack of full emulation, many mistakenly put this into question. without realizing that the cart absolutely does not give a shit about emulation, everyone will die the same way. The main thing that you can do is use a mask for many applications, unlike consumers of clickers. So let's get started.
  9. The main message on how to search and set device parameters I specified in the article -
  10. Not a long list of recommendations to increase account survival -
  11. Try not to register a large number of accounts at once. Better do 5-10 per hour, for one pair, while changing the parameters device, system_version, app_version to random ones.
  12. Use a resident proxy, here you can buy good ones - Rsocks (I recommend taking Rotating Mix, they give 100 streams and 100 proxies, socks5 proxies that easily connect with software, and every 5 minutes the pool is updated) P.S. It happens that not all 100 proxies are immediately active, unfortunately it depends on the connection with residents, which can be interrupted at the request of the residents themselves.
  13. Put avatars and logins, AFTER HOW AS 10 MINUTES HAPPENED FROM THE REGISTRATION TIME !!! IMPORTANT!!! Many tests showed that at the time of registration it is better not to use any extra actions.
  14. Try to use your accounts, at least during the week. There is no point in storing them, since usually such pairs can be killed by other registrars, so we act on the principle of wrecked, trapped, spammed.
  15. Transferring finished accounts to LIVE couples shows increased survivability of such couples.
You can send your observations to us, so we can build new registration techniques and successfully deal with telegram algorithms. Thank you for reading. Like if the topic was useful to you.
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