Guide for auto-registration in Telegram soft from 07/30/2020
And so dear friends, let's start with a small introduction before the main article on auto-registration in Telegram.
Dear friends, to begin with, please look at which article is by date, the one that is the most relevant by the release date, otherwise you risk using outdated telegram soft auto-registration methods and lose your money and nerves.
So. Let's start what we need (I do it by my own example, you can try it your way and experiment) -

1. Reverse APK of Telegram clients to get app hash / app id
2. A set of language packs, it will be presented below
3. Proxy from
4. Device and system settings, they will be presented below

And so, let's start right away with the addition to the first paragraph.
I recommend that you spend 1-2 days to type as many pairs as possible, no one will tell you the exact number of accounts that can be put on each pair of app hash app id, so there is no point in asking about this, you can experiment with it yourself. I register about 200-400 telegram accounts for 39 pairs per day.
Language packs set -
Language packs set:
How to insert?
You can fill the language pack with the whole mask, which is indicated above.

We need a proxy, from this site -
Go to the section My proxies
And click to add a port -
Now that we have purchased a proxy, we go to the unloading section and write it like this (THIS IS IMPORTANT !!!!!!) -

After unloading, so add to the software -
If you inserted everything correctly during the registration process, the ip change will look like this -

0 to 9
Randomize version to 3 characters
Congratulations, the guide is over, I hope it will help you in the correct auto-registration of telegram accounts.
In general, we tried to combine all the developments that we had, many thanks to the participants of paid training, many of them shared their own ways, so we were able to make the most accurate and voluminous article for all the time.
So, we will be grateful if you like, as well as subscribe to the forum channel and software on YouTube
We tried to make you understand the basic principles and methods of registration, we will be happy to answer your questions under the article ????
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