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Полный гайд по работе клонера

Сам модуль подразделяется на 4 пункта
Each of which can be used separately to create other projects, for example, account preparation allows you to grow bots as close as possible to real Telegram users, using the history template of another chat.
Let's consider each of them separately.
Let's start with the collection, aka "Parsing history"
Everything is quite simple here, we insert a chat, we say for what period to collect and what delays to set -
Options for collecting messages by period -
After the start of the collection, the program itself will collect all messages, avatars and other data of those who wrote them, as well as unload media for further work
After our collection is successfully completed, go to the "Message Editor"
Here you can conveniently edit the story for yourself by replacing the keywords with the ones you need, delete posts or completely exclude the person you do not need for posting from the story.
You can also open the history separately, for easy familiarization in the usual form of the Telegram chat -
After we have prepared the story, removed unnecessary users and are generally satisfied with the appearance of our new story, go to the section for preparing accounts
We select our history file, select the necessary accounts and click "Run"
The program also generates a username similar to the original, if it is busy, it will select itself similar in appearance.
Do not worry if your accounts had avatars or bio, they will be deleted and replaced with the ones that were extracted from history
After completing the preparation of our accounts
Go to the cherished section of the posting)
After launch, our bots automatically join our group for posting
And the joy begins ))
The cost of the module is $ 275
Binding goes to the main license
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