Bulk mailings to telegram groups
In this article, we will talk about mailing by chats + presetting, we will also add our personal recommendations
First, go to the section bulk subscriptions
Now, select the chat list that will be used for mailing in the future and select the parameter 1 group 1 account
Select the accounts you need, set delays and start the subscription process
After the subscriptions are completed, go to the Autoposting section in chats
We fill in the fields for mailing, I will use a repost, since it allows you to track the coverage carried out by the mailing (other recommendations will be at the end of the article)
And run
Our messages flew to chats
We recommend to insert a list of chats to subscribe to the following mate model 5 * x (Where x is the number of accounts)
You can pre-subscribe your accounts in multiple cycles for chats to bypass the limit of 5 chats in a row
We recommend using several posts for forwarding (several texts, several postbot variations, etc.)
For accounts with spamblocks, we recommend choosing private chats, they can write in them
Thank you for reading to the end, successful mailings and more traffic ????
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