Guide for Api Telegram Account Registration
And so, after a long time, we are ready to provide you with the most extensive guide on registering Telegram accounts in multithreaded mode. The article will have everything from choosing a proxy to compiling a list of user agents and searching for pairs. Go!
A small preface, the author's pure thoughts, are NOT REQUIRED to read!


I heard a lot of versions about tg accounts, from stories about super-private, mega-cool proxies, about behavioral "Human", about unknown delays, super-duper layer not accessible to mere mortals and so on. I do not deny the possibility of each of these functions, they are possible and real, but not implemented. Yes, and why? When each application is not official from tg, it behaves in its own way.
Therefore, I came to the conclusion that it is necessary to stoke towards non-official applications. As it turned out (otherwise I would not have written all this here) I was right. This method allows you to not only register 50 accounts per hour, no. These are hundreds and thousands of accounts, if desired. Hello to all single-threaded regers
It seems like he said, read on, why did you even spend time on this)

And so to the main thing that we need

Collect a list of pairs app hash app id (You can take 121 pairs ready from here (but keep in mind that many will do this) or find it yourself as described here - Search for pairs without analyzing applications)
Come up with the names of applications and their system (here are 2 conditions, not machine generation, utf-8 encoding, do not worry, I will describe how to do this)
Buy a proxy resident to reduce the percentage of the blade (it is possible to torus, but not much)
Throw shekels on SMS services
Thank Me)
The collection of pairs, it has already been described so that we will skip this moment, the references are
You can take ready-made from here - 121 pairs (but keep in mind that many will do this) or find it yourself as described here - Search for pairs indiscriminately

To come up with the names of systems and user agents without using machine generation, while using the digestible tg format. It is very simple to do, even paradoxically simple. We use 1 chat parser, 2 notepad, 3 exel.
And so - we are going to collect chat from thousands of 5 people. I took an example of chat (large chats are convenient because they can be collected one-time and use this database for a long time)
and go to the parser
We expose so that to collect as many logins as possible
Although we were not very lucky here and the group was relatively small, this will not stop us.
Delete all the dogs) And go to Excel and insert half of the logged-in logins in the first column, insert the colon ":" in the second column, insert the remaining list of logins in the third column, something like this will turn out -
Copy to notepad) And now we replace not the dogs but the TAB symbol, so that the list comes to this form
Excellent, now we have a list of devices and systems. Let's move on to other interesting points)
Buy a proxy, there are actually a lot of questions about this. I recommend buying in Rsocks, using their example and consider
After registration, go to the proxy resident tab and take a packet there
In the screenshot I have a package of Ukraine, but I would recommend Rotating Mix, it showed itself better
Proxies will be in http format, upload and add to the software. And then we go to the registration, for which we are here -
We insert our list of pairs, insert the list of our collected logins, check off random use, select the service on which we have shekels, select the number of registration attempts and threads))
and let's go
and let's go look at our beautiful, new accounts without magic and sweet speeches about the humanity of bots and other things)
I want to express my gratitude at the end of the article, thanks to the entire Telegram soft community, for the adequate behavior, for your support and the information that you provide. I want to separately thank the current development team for the patience of my Wishlist and the code's mastery. And also express gratitude to the penny service for good SIM cards and low prices. The guys do not have a website yet, but you can write them directly for cooperation -
All success, the telegram is losing again!)
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